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Blog posts of '2018' 'March'

Why Daylight Savings Time feels like Jet Lag


The start of Daylight Saving Time is a clear indication of the warmer weather and evening sunshine headed our way.  Although most of us are excited for this change, we often forget about the effects of losing an hour of our sleep has on our body and regular routine.   


Getting great, restorative sleep allows you to be more efficient during the day and acts as the moving force behind all your daily abilities.  With Daylight Saving Time, usually the loss of an hour in our day takes time out of our sleep.  Most people tend stay up later and have trouble falling asleep earlier, causing them to feel like they have jet lag on Monday.  We know that most Mondays may feel like you are suffering from a change in time zones, but this Monday, you will actually have a reason.  Our internal clocks struggle to adjust not only to the routine but to the fact that the mornings are now darker, and the evenings are lighter. 


An hour difference in your day may not seem like a lot, but studies show that car accidents increase by 17% the Monday after Daylight Saving Time occurs.  Scientists think this occurs because most of the time the loss of the hour affects the amount of time we have to sleep, making people less alert and slowing reaction times.  It also makes sense that National Napping Day falls on March 12th, a day after the time switch, which is when you are definitely feeling the effects of the loss of sleep and you are wishing you could lay down and take a little nap. 


Although there is still debate over whether changing the clocks holds significant benefit or if it should still even happen, doesn't will still happen and you should be ready for it on Sunday.  Within a few days, your internal clock will readjust, and you'll start feeling back to normal.  If you're still suffering with not getting enough sleep, consider heading into the nearest Mattress Direct location and learning which sleep products can help you get the best night sleep so you're never dealing with that jet lag feeling again.