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The Truman Pillow Top combines the adaptability and responsiveness needed to fit your body with the comfort and dynamic support of sharing a sleep surface and still sleeping soundly. Sleep cool and comfortably on the Truman Pillow Top.
$795.00 $995.00

iDirect Prime King Zero Gravity Base

Experience our amazing iDirect Hybrid Mattress with our new Zero Gravity base! Don't Pay Retail get an amazing gel memory foam and innerspring mattress and an Adjustable base for what the retail guy charges for half the mattress! The adjustable base moves both head and feet up and down with a wireless remote! Get the contouring capabilities of a memory foam mattress and the benefits from sleeping on a Gravity Base!
$988.00 $2,588.00


The cool comfort and unparalleled support of the Zero Pillow.

Bellagio Bellissimo Queen

$1,595.00 $2,395.00

iDirect Aspire Queen

The Aspire is great for those wanting the adaptability and conformability of gel memory foam. The Aspire is the firmest of the 3 iDirect memory foam mattresses, but it is not hard. The top layer of soft gel infused foam provides a great initial feel but still allows for the firmness underneath via the support layers. This mattress, best for stomach and back sleepers, adapts to your body while providing a cooler sleep surface through its cooling gel memory foam. Also, enjoy the motion isolation that memory foam provides--- don’t wake up when your partner moves again!
$498.00 $588.00

Zero Mattress

The Zero Mattress is a gel-infused memory foam mattress that features the same cooling technology of premium brands at the lowest possible price. The Zero Mattress is made with cooling and supportive zero memory foam, infused with cooling and pressure relieving cooling gel, and is topped with cool sleeping phase change zero fabric. This mattress offers the ideal balance of pressure relief and support for people who sleep on the side, back, or stomach. Available at all St. Louis area Mattress Direct locations.


Sleep Rules 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Style Bella + Canas Tri-Blend

iDirect Adapt Queen

The Adapt provides more memory foam so that you are able to feel the benefits of memory foam when you are sleeping in any position and is great for all over sleepers. The soft gel infused memory foam provides great conformability to your shoulders, hips, and lower back while still giving you the support you need. Typically with memory foam people experience less movement throughout the night considering there is less pressure being built up. The memory foam also provides a source of motion isolation so you will not feel your partner move throughout the evening.
$798.00 $888.00


VER-TEX® 6.0 CLIMATE CONTROL FABRIC - Ver-Tex fabric is cool to the touch and provides instant heat deflection, remaining cool throughout the night, allowing the body’s natural temperature drop for maximum recovery and rejuvenation. AIR-X® VENTILATED PANELS - Our 3D structure keeps air flowing, moving heat away from your head, neck and shoulders while maintaining ambient temperatures in the pillow core. The filter fabric behind the Air-X gussets creates a one-way airflow baffle; preventing allergens and dander from entering the pillow core. REACT® CONFORMING SUSPENSION - Our unique React blend is combined with silk-feel microfibers create support for your head, neck & shoulders allowing for the pillow to adapt to you without push back, eliminating pillow bounce to improve deep sleep. CARE - Spot Clean Only SIZE - Personal Performance 20" x 26"


The Dawn 1.0 Performance Pillow is SLEEP TESTED for stomach sleepers or small body types. Dawn’s flexible foundation and personal performance size allows you to comfortably sleep with your arm beneath your pillow. The unique dual chamber construction of the Circadian Series features a Boost® foam crown and Boost foam blend which ensures weightless pressure relief that won’t bottom out, creating the perfect pillow for soft support with no rebound. The Ver-Tex® 6.0 climate control fabric provides a cool to touch feeling and continuous heat deflection, regulating your body temperature for a cooler nights rest. The Air-X® ventilated panels increase airflow and feature a filter fabric which prevents allergens and dander from entering the pillow core.

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