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Blog posts of '2020' 'February'

Are you ready for some Football?
Until the world gets it together and finally makes the day after the Superbowl a national holiday Mattress Direct can help you make the most out of your Superbowl snacks and post game sleep! Don't let the big game keep you from your reposonibilities on Monday!
One of the biggest ways you can improve your post Superbowl sleep is with the types of snacks and when you do your drinking of adult beverages.
Snacks suggestions:
You can do the typical Pizza, wings, chips, chili.....whatever it is. Just don’t over do it and try to finish up well before bedtime. If you eat them earlier in the day your body can digest it properly and it won't keep you up too late! Also if you want spicy go for it but again try it earlier in the day.
Try Almonds instead of Popcorn, turkey sandwhiches instead of salami, and guacamole instead of cream cheese based dips all help with promoting sleepiness and won't keep you up too late. Guacamole especially is filled with magnesium a great tool to help you sleep!
And helpful tip all year round but definitely important on Superbowl Sunday: Slow down your Adult Beverages as the night goes on/game gets further along. Passing out from drinking may put you right into a deep sleep, but it tends to make you incredibly restless as the night goes on and you are much more likely to wake up sooner and have a tough time getting back to bed. Not only will you be grumpy and hungover when you wake up, your body will be blasted from not getting a refreshing, restful sleep. So kick back, have a couple adult beverages of your choice, quit while you are ahead, drink some water, and get a refreshing night's sleep!
Mattress Direct wants you to sleep the best so you can be your best. So take care of yourselves and enjoy the game!
And if KC manages a win.... we highly suggest some high quality ear plugs, because fireworks will be going off all night!