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How to shop for a mattress

Time for a new mattress so……

“What do I get?”

Turquoise Beds

Animated Characters

Shop by Colors

All beds that start with the letter S

Astronaut Beds

Inflatable Beds

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Which one?  How is this daunting task completed? I mean, you gotta sleep on something, right? Well, get the HELP you need. Go see a Sleep Specialist at Mattress Direct.

We have 3 Simple Rules that help you in selecting YOUR right fit…..The Sleep Rules.

1) Align Your Spine: The Perfect Pillow and Mattress let your muscles relax, so YOU wake up refreshed.

2) Relieve YOUR Pressure: Remove and restrictions to YOUR Shoulders, Hips, and/or Knees. Stay Comfortable

3) Keep Your Cool: Regulate your Body Temperature To Keep from Waking Up during the deepest sleep stages.

Easy as 1,2, 3. Find the mattress that hits all 3 of the Sleep Rules and your body. Mattress Direct is here to help you!

Check out the Solutions to a great night's sleep!