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Mattress Direct partners with St. Louis Blues to debut Zero Mattress and Pillow.

Mattress Direct partners with The St. Louis Blues to debut a St. Louis Blues Zero Mattress and Smart Pillow.

St. Louis, November 4th, 2019:  - Mattress Direct ( a St. Louis based Mattress Seller, and their subsidiary, Campbell Mattress (, a mattress manufacturer in Cape Girardeau, MO have announced a partnership with the Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues ( to offer a St. Louis Blues themed Zero Mattress ( and Smart Pillow in the official team store and online.

The St. Louis Blues Zero Mattress and Smart Pillow feature Zero Cooling Technology that pulls excess heat away from your body and both will be available for purchase in the STL Authentics team store and online at the team’s official web store.

Mattress Direct has been The Performance Bedding partner of the St. Louis Blues dating back to the 2015-2016 season, fitting the team for sleep products that help them rest, relax, and recover from the rigors of the NHL season.


“Bringing these remarkable products to the STL Authentics team store is a dream come true.” Said, Pat McCurren CEO of Mattress Direct, Inc and a lifelong Blues Fan. “Keeping your body cool helps maintain the deepest stages of sleep.” McCurren continued, “with the ideal balance of comfort and support to relieve pressure and align your spine, the St. Louis Blues Zero Mattress and Pillow offer the kind of rest you should expect. Now everyone can sleep like the pros do.”


The St. Louis Blues Zero Mattress and Smart Pillow are set to debut this December, just in time for the holiday shopping season.






Mattress Direct, Inc.

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St. Louis Blues Hockey Club
Enterprise Center
1401 Clark Avenue at Brett Hull Way





Mattress Direct, Inc ( is a leading sleep specialty seller in the St. Louis area, and the parent company of Campbell Sleep, LLC.

Campbell Sleep, LLC ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattress Direct, Inc and has been building mattresses in the state of Missouri since it was founded in 1933.

Zero Mattress ( is a cooling mattress in a box designed in St. Louis, MO by Mattress Direct, Inc.


Media Contact, Mattress Direct – [email protected] 314-370-1700

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                  Which one?  How is this daunting task completed? I mean, you gotta sleep on something, right? Well, get the HELP you need. Go see a Sleep Specialist at Mattress Direct.

We have 3 Simple Rules that help you in selecting YOUR right fit…..The Sleep Rules.

1) Align Your Spine: The Perfect Pillow and Mattress let your muscles relax, so YOU wake up refreshed.

2) Relieve YOUR Pressure: Remove and restrictions to YOUR Shoulders, Hips, and/or Knees. Stay Comfortable

3) Keep Your Cool: Regulate your Body Temperature To Keep from Waking Up during the deepest sleep stages.

Easy as 1,2, 3. Find the mattress that hits all 3 of the Sleep Rules and your body. Mattress Direct is here to help you!


Check out the Solutions to a great night's sleep!

Five Reasons to Choose Mattress Direct


The Lowest Price

When you shop Mattress Direct you’re assured the lowest price on whichever product fits you best. We’ve connected directly with the biggest and best mattress manufacturers to offer factory direct savings from Serta, Beautyrest, Campbell, Nectar, ReST,  Relax-O-Pedic, and M.H.Gray. Whether you’re looking for the best sleep of your life, or a mattress for the guest room, Mattress Direct has the best value on what you’re looking for. Find a price you like elsewhere? We’ll beat it, guaranteed.


Expert fitting

When you shop for a new mattress it helps to know where to start. With more brands and styles than ever, give the Sleep Specialists at Mattress Direct five minutes, and they’ll put you on the path to finding your best fitting mattress. Six hours a night is quarter of your life. Let the Sleep Specialists show you how to find your best fit.


Comfort Assurance

We’re so confident in our Sleep Specialists ability to fit you for the perfect mattress, that we offer a full year of Comfort Assurance on every new mattress. Especially in St. Louis where the summers get hot and the winters get cold, we like for your body to experience a full year of comfort on your new sleep system. The manufacturers appreciate having our Sleep Specialists on the front end, because fitting St. Louis to their perfect night’s sleep leads to outstanding reviews and customer satisfaction.


Local Company

Mattress Direct was founded in St. Louis by sleep specialists who were born in St. Louis to help the people of St. Louis feel their best and save money at the same time. We cheer for the Cardinals, we custom fit the Blues for their pillows and mattresses, all because we love this town.  We believe that Sleep Specialists from St. Louis are the best equipped to help the people of St. Louis. Those shared experiences from Grant’s Farm to the Stanley Cup make us part of the community and every dollar you spend at Mattress Direct goes back into the local economy.


Best Selection

We have shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped so you don’t have to. We’ve been across the country and around the world looking for the very best sleep technologies and the highest quality manufacturing. When you’re looking for the best mattress for the best price, you can rest assured you’ll find it at Mattress Direct. We’ve seen it all, and even build beds specifically for the St. Louis market at the Campbell Mattress factory.

Sleep Rules: Rule Number 1: Align Your Spine with a Perfect Pillow.

Originally Published at The Sleep Rules Podcast

So, the quest for a perfect pillow is as daunting as The Holy Grail or the Davinci code. Or is it? I mean it’s just a pillow, right? Well, that overlooked article of bedding consists of 30% of your spine, BRO! I didn’t believe it at first, but it’s the truth. Then I remembered my old wrestling friends telling me that “if you control the head, you control the body.” I use to pass that on by because I couldn’t relate it to anything in my life at the time. I mean, I wasn’t shooting any double leg take downs or suplexing anybody at the time. But now it makes sense. If my head is not in proper alignment, NEITHER is my body! So that explained my years of neck, shoulder, and hip aches. IT WASN’T JUST THE MATTRESS!!!!

So how does one find an ever elusive “Perfect Pillow”? Well, go get fitted. Mattress Direct does this. They actual do this before you even lay down on your potential mattress. First, they take into accounts your sleeping position (side, back, stomach, any which way but loose) and choose the appropriate pillow for such position. Then have you lay down on a bed that is suitable for your request of comfort. No longer do you have to wander a store holding a pillow like an old boom box. That may bring you back to your break dancing days, but it will not bring you to Comfort Town. Comfort Town is when you have that one pillow, one pillow that rules them all. Lord of The Pillows style.

Come on by one of your friendly, neighborhood Mattress Directs and get fitted for that pillow Today. I mean, why wait till tomorrow when you aren’t sleeping any better and are in a foul mood. You don’t like that you, and the world will be better once you start following the Sleep Rules.

The Sharing Shed Welcome Home Program

St. Louis, September 9th, 2019:  - Mattress Direct ( a St. Louis based Mattress Seller, and their subsidiary, Campbell Mattress (, a mattress manufacturer in Cape Girardeau, MO have announced a partnership with The Sharing Shed ( an O’fallon, MO based charitable organization.

The “Home at Last” program is designed collect new and gently used home goods for families and individuals in the St. Charles County and surrounding areas affected by recent flooding.

Mattress Direct has worked with the Sharing Shed for 4 years collecting gently used sheets, blankets, and pillows at all Mattress Direct Showrooms, helping collect gently used mattresses through DeliverPRO, and building twin mattresses at Campbell Mattress.


“When I first met Sherry from the Sharing Shed, she told me that they received some second hand queen size mattresses, but rarely were twin mattresses donated. They often were forced to sleep children on the floor or put three or four kids in one queen size bed together.” Said, Pat McCurren CEO of Mattress Direct, Inc.



“We’re excited to be developing the “Home at Last” program with The Sharing Shed,” McCurren continued. “Every child deserves a bed of their own. Sherry and the volunteers at the Sharing Shed are working hard week in and week out to help provide the basic necessities for those who are suddenly in crisis, and it’s been an honor to help them collect the items they need to do such important work.”


During the month of September, Home at Last has a goal of donating a new mattress to 100 children currently without a bed of their own.


  •        For every Campbell Heritage Collection, M.H. Gray, or Relax-O-Pedic Mattress purchased from Mattress Direct a twin       mattress will be donated to The Sharing Shed for little ones in need.


  •        Twin mattress can be purchased at Mattress Direct for the "Home at Last" program to be delivered to The Sharing Shed.



Campbell Mattress opens permanent gallery show space and launches 2020 product line.

St. Louis, August 12, 2019:  - Campbell Mattress (, a mattress manufacturer in Cape Girardeau, MO has announced the opening of their permanent gallery show space in St. Peters, MO. The complete line of 2020 Campbell Sleep products including Relax-O-Pedic (, Zero Mattress (, and M.H.Gray ( will be on display. Potential distributors and those looking to learn more can schedule an appointment to view the new product with their representative or via the Campbell Sleep contact form

“It’s always been our dream to have this permanent show space where dealers can come and learn about the Heritage of Campbell Sleep Products and make their merchandising selections.’ Said, Pat McCurren CEO of Campbell’s parent company, Mattress Direct, Inc.


The Campbell Mattress Gallery show space will be open weekdays and by appointment and is designed to educate and inform current and potential dealers on the benefits of distributing Campbell Sleep Products in their brick and mortar or online sleep stores.


“With products we ship weekly to traditional furniture and mattress resellers, as well as e-commerce ready Omni-channel products like Zero Mattress, One Mattress, and the ability to customize a direct to consumer and private label products. Campbell Mattress is set to grow again in 2020.” McCurren continued. “It’s been an exciting project, from design to finishing, the new Campbell Sleep Product lineup builds on the tradition of high quality products and offers a strong value proposition to the consumer."


Campbell Sleep Products

4280 North Service Road

St. Peters, MO 63376

(314) 370-1700


Campbell Sleep, LLC ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattress Direct, Inc and has been building mattresses in the state of Missouri since it was founded in 1933.

Mattress Direct, Inc ( is a leading sleep specialty seller in the St. Louis area, and the parent company of Campbell Sleep, LLC.

Relax-O-Pedic ( is s premium support sleep product line designed and built at Campbell Sleep, LLC.

Zero Mattress ( is a direct to consumer sleep product line designed at Mattress Direct, Inc.

M.H. Gray ( is a premium traditional innerspring mattress line designed and built at Campbell Sleep, LLC.

Campbell Launches new American Made Adjustable Base Program

Campbell launches new American Made Adjustable Base Program


St. Louis, July 15, 2019:  Campbell Sleep (, a leading specialty manufacturer of mattresses and other sleep accessories in the midwest, announced they have partnered with Reverie (, to introduce the American Made Campbell Sleep Adjustable Base Program online and through their network of dealer partners.

Adjustable Base foundations replace a traditional box-spring foundation in order to provide further customizability to the sleep surface which enhances a sleeper’s comfort. The new Campbell Sleep Adjustable Base Program will feature wireless connectivity, massage settings, height adjustment, and allow the elevation of both head and foot regions, supporting an anatomical sleeping position.

 “While tariffs and import uncertainty has prices on the rise in the space, we couldn’t be prouder to be producing our Campbell Adjustable Base program domestically”, said Pat McCurren, President and CEO of Campbell Sleep’s parent company, Mattress Direct, Inc. ( “Campbell has been producing locally sourced products in our region for over 85 years, and this domestic adjustable base program completes that product offering in a price-stable way that we’re exceptionally proud of.”

The new Campbell Sleep Adjustable Program and all Campbell Mattress products are available for sale direct to consumer online and through Campbell’s growing network of dealers (

The new American Made Campbell Sleep Adjustable Base Program is expected to sell for less at retail than similarly appointed imported products.

Campbell Sleep ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattress Direct, Inc and has been building mattresses in the state of Missouri since it was founded in 1933.

Reverie ( designs and builds mattresses, adjustable bases both domestically and overseas.


Media Contact, Mattress Direct – [email protected] 314-650-1210

Reverse It

Screen time at an all time high, while Sleep declines.

With the implementation of the latest iOS operating system, many iPhone users discovered the weekly screentime monitor was keeping tabs on them and their smart phone usage. Knowing you've gazed into your smart phone screen 10% more than you did the week before is a sobering reminder to check back in to real life. What your iOS device doesn't have baked in is a similar tracker for sleep, that's something you need to install separately. Luckily The Beautyrest Sleep Tracker comes FREE with every Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest Platinum, or Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress. 

Sleep Tracker - FREE

The sensors rest beneath your mattress under the pillow, and report not just nightly sleep experience, but the trends over a week, a month, and ongoing. Offering helpful sleep tips along the way to help you feel your best, informing your alarm when best to wake you from slumber, and putting some data to how and why you feel in the morning as well as throughout the day. Tracking your Sleep is the first step to getting personalized sleep tips that will help you feel your absolute best morning, noon, and night.


You'll receive a Beautyrest Sleep Tracker at NO CHARGE with any Beautyrest Black, Hybrid, or Platinum Mattress ordered at Mattress Direct, until you get your personalized recommendations, here are a few good sleep tips that apply to everyone!

  • Get to bed at about the same time every night, it helps your body learn and optimize
  • Wake up at about the same time every night, Even on the weekends!
  • Cut back your caffiene, especially after noon.
  • Limit your alchohol consumption, especially close to bed time.
What mattress would your favorite Marvel heroes sleep on?

Avengers Endgame Mattress Sale

Our favorite Marvel heroes need a good night’s sleep, just like the rest of us. They need a good snooze even more so after battling villains from Alexander Pierce, to Ronin the Accuser, and especially Thanos. Can you imagine how exhausted and tired they must feel after going toe to toe with a Titan? Let’s see what mattress would give each of our heroes the best night’s sleep.


Asgard Mattress Direct

Thor is not only a strong, muscular fighter, but also a 1,500 year-old god. Living that long in Asgard in the lap of luxury, one would need an amazingly soft, luxurious bed. He would definitely have the Beautyrest Black K-Class Ultra Plush Pillowtop. After fighting the dark elves, his brother Loki, or even Noobmaster69, Thor would definitely want a soft mattress to get the most pressure relief possible. He especially needs after being stuck as a gladiator on the garbage planet Sakaar…. You know the mattresses there were awful!

Captain America

Captain Steve Rogers

After spending 75 years asleep in ice, Steve Rogers needs to keep his cool by sleeping in an ultimate cooling, yet firm, mattress. Steve’s from the 40s and is used to sleeping on an army cot. He also grew up in the 30s when there were 2 choices in mattresses - firm and firm - so our hero is no stranger to the firm feel. Sam Wilson’s Falcon also tells him after the war all beds feel soft to him. The surprising thing about Steve is even though he is from the 40s, he is quick to learn and embrace new technology. The iComfort 5000 provides a firm sleep surface, new technology (memory foam), the coolness our hero is used to (and needs), and the pressure relief his body needs after a long battle.

Iron Man

Tony Stark

Uh… like this is even a question. Even though Tony Stark does not sleep very much, he would have to have the most technologically advanced sleep systme possible! He needs to have it hooked up to Jarvis and respond to all his commands, so the Beautyrest Black Luxury base it is. We might even be able to cure our hero from his long suffering with insomnia!



Corn fed Iowan Clint Barton spent his formative years in a circus showing off his acrobatic archery skills and we can’t imagine the mattresses on the road were very comfy. Now living on a farm with his family, we think he would probably like the Campbell collection. These beds are Midwest made, and the heritage collection would fit him and his family perfectly. Plus, it has got to be a step up from whatever he had in Budapest.

Spider Man

Spider Man

We figure Aunt May is in charge of Peter’s mattress choice. She is practical, but cares that our high school hero gets a good night’s sleep. Since they do live in Queens, they are limited on space. He does have an awesome bunk bed, and the mattress to follow suit would have to be the Zero memory foam bed. It is cold to the touch, conforms to anyone's body, and fits nicely in a bunk bed. It would be totally perfect for Peter after swinging around all day, being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Plus, when Ned comes over to finish their Lego Death Star, he will be totally comfortable on the bottom bunk.

Everyone deserves the best sleep possible. Whether you work hard to fight off those who threaten the world, or work to make it to the weekend, your body deserves a mattress that will help it relax every night. Come in to your local Mattress Direct, and learn how you can fight off the villian of your evenings - restless, uncomfortable nights.

How do your favorite Star Wars characters sleep?

Star Wars Mattress You have to admit, in that lived-in galaxy far far away, there are a lot of household items that you just wonder how they lived without! From Blue Milk to Green Milk, or running in to Tosche Station for some power converters. There are a lot of purchases that you make in your galaxy that you assume Luke Skywalker and company would have liked to have made in theirs. Here at Mattress Direct, we got to talking about what mattresses and sleep products your favorite Star Wars characters would use in their every day life. Let us know if you agree in the comments! Because even in a galaxy far far away, Sleep Rules. #sleeprules

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker 

Growing up on a desert planet, Luke would have been happy to just get off of the sand. We're pretty confident Episode IV Luke is on a pretty basic pillow top, maybe something like the iDirect Stratus. But, after blowing up the FIRST death star, there's a good chance he got an upgrade. What's the nicest mattress you could pick out on the ice planet of Hoth? We think Luke would end up with a Campbell Mattress, as he is smart with his credits, and appreciates the heritage behind the products.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia 

We all know Alderaan was a pretty luxurious planet, ya know, before it was turned into rubble. Growing up you know Bail Organa picked up a nice bed for adopted princess. We know princesses love super nice comfort. There's really only one option for a growing rebel: The Beautyrest Black C Class Plush Pillow Top is what she would have slept on, and we're guessing the Luxury adjustable base with iOS control. Princesses love to control their comfort. Did they have iPhones on Alderaan?

Han Solo

Han Solo 

The rough streets of Corellia hardened everyone's favorite scoundrel, but that doesn't mean he wasn't getting a great night's sleep! He may have started out on whatever he could scrounge, but once he started making some serious credits smuggling, we know he'd end up putting the One Mattress in the Millenium Falcon. If it's too firm for a princess, you just flip it over. Seems likely the ship's former owner would've made the same choice...

Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian 

With that extensive cape collection, you know if Lando was a pretty dapper fellow. The only bed suitable for this smooth of an individual is The Relax-O-Pedic XO350. Though it seems unlikely that Han would've wanted to replace that, so we've settled on even though Lando lost the ship to Han in that fateful hand of Sabbac, he likely took his XO and cape collection with him. Also, guaranteed, Lando was a pillow guy, probably one of each of these.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader 

As a young boy on Tatooine Anakin Skywalker wouldn't have had the best mattress. (No wonder he turns to the dark side, am I right?) But later on, as his body was ravaged by the lava planet Mustafar, it was imperative that he get not only the coolest sleeping, but best pressure relieving sleep system to limit the agony of his injuries. The best balance for him would likely be the Beautyrest Black K Class Firm Pillow Top with the Luxury Base and voice control...not that fallen jedi need Alexa to move their feet, but he would really appreciate the Lumbar support and split seat of the Beautyrest Black Adjustable foundation.

Obi Wan Kenobi

Obi-wan Kenobi 

After years of living a Jedi's simple life, when Obi wan settled on the desert Tatooine to watch over a young Luke Skywalker, you can bet it was a LOT warmer than the years in deep cold space. Safe to assume he'd be after maximum cooling, but we get the feeling old Ben Kenobi would be a fan of the Serta iComfort Blue Max 5000. It's supportive and pressure relieving, with a cool to the touch sleep surface. A Zero Cool Tech Support Pillow would be a must for hut living on a desert world.



We all agreed Yoda would want a twin size. He wouldn't want to spend a lot, so something pretty basic. We can't help but think he'd be a Campbell Mattress customer. There's just something about the old fashioned charm of their heritage collection that would jive with Yoda's overall aesthetic. He'd find several great pillow options for his diminutive stature. Sleep Specialists have the solutions for the way everybody sleeps - Short or Tall.



Speaking of tall, Chewbacca might need to order the longer California King. His bunk on the Millenium Falcon would've had to have been modified to adapt to his towering height. It seems likely Chewbacca would choose an M.H. Gray Luxury Mattress with a set of coils for contouring comfort on top of another set of coils for dynamic support, allowing his large frame to rest comfortably and pressure free.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett 

When Boba Fett hangs up his jet pack at night, you know he wants to get comfy. Seems like a Beautyrest Hybrid 3000 Medium Firm would be the logical choice. Sleeps cool, supports the spine, all the benefits of memory foam and the patented Beautyrest support mean no tossing and turning. You have to get a good night's sleep to be a successful bounty hunter, after all. Boba Fett probably struggles with neck discomfort...that Mandalorian helmet looks kind of heavy. We'd recommend a Zero Cool Tech Comfort Pillow so he can fluff it to his heart's content.

Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Ackbar 

Insert water bed joke here. But seriously, everybody knows that that's a trap. (See what we did there?) Ackbar led the rebel forces in the battle above Endor, and after that victory he deserved a great night's rest. That's why we're all agreed he deserves a Zero Gravity Base under whatever mattress he'd be most comfortable on. We were split on whether he'd be a Z0 Cooling Zero Mattress or the Original Zero Mattress but either way, we're confident he'll be comfortable and relaxing in Zero Gravity.


Well, that's it, what do you think? Do droids sleep? What would C-3PO even like to sleep on? Do you agree with our recommendations? Let us know in the comments! We're all different shapes and sizes, and the sleep products that are perfect for you, may not be perfect for people in your galaxy or a galaxy far far away.


Seriously, are there two MORE different body types than Chewbacca and Yoda?

Chewbacca and Yoda