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We've Moved!


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Tips for sleep and travel


Summer is fantastic, the kids are out of school, the weather is amazing, and you are ready to go and travel the country! One of the biggest mistakes people make when traveling is forgetting to prioritize sleep especially on road trips. Drowsy driving causes approximately 72,000 car accidents each year. Driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk. Each hour of sleep you don’t get only increases your and your family’s chance of a crash.

Here are some helpful hints to making sleep a priority while on vacation

  1. Try to drive during the parts of the day when you are most alert. Typically mid-morning, early afternoon, and evening people tend to be at their most alert (luckily this also corresponds to the time where the roads tend to be less crowded)
  2. Bring your blanket or pillow! This might sound strange but when traveling to multiple destinations or staying in unfamiliar areas and mattresses having a part of home helps you sleep better.
  3. Be careful of what medicines you are taking. You don’t want to become drowsy because of a side effect of an allergy medicine.
  4. Take advantage of any time you get to relax. Use those rest areas to get out and stretch and even take a nap.
  5. Don’t rush your trip Take that extra day to stop and stay the night rather than booking it straight from one destination to the next. You can always find somewhere to stay that has something interesting for the family along your journey.
Can one mattress work for everyone?


Large warehouse stores are amazing. You need ketchup? Well, there is one bottle of ketchup. You want some cereal? There are several options but only one size…. LARGE. They take the choice out of it. This makes the shopping experience easy. I know I don’t like sitting there debating what size box of flaked corn I need or seeing 12 different types of the same condiment. Choice is sometimes overwhelming.

But choice can also be necessary, especially when we are talking about people’s individual needs, shapes, and specifications. Can there just be one mattress that magically fits all my needs as well as my neighbor’s, best friend’s, and 90-year-old grandfather’s needs? The answer is… if you all have the same body type, sleeping style and habits then YES, but it is rather unlikely.

People are complicated. We all have our own habits. Some people sleep exclusively on their side, others back, and others do a great approximation of a pretzel where their front shoulders are facing towards the bed while their hips are pointing in the opposite direction and their arms are clutching onto their pillow for dear life. All of these sleepers may need different levels of support and pressure relief depending on their individual shape and size as well.

A back is definitely flatter than a pretzel. A pretzel sleeper has curves in their shoulders and hips. Would these two types need the same pressure relief? Could they both be best served by the same mattress? The answer is no. These both could be adequately served by the same mattress, but to get the best out of your nightly sleep both sleepers really need individualized comfort.

Bed in a box companies try for mass appeal, but number one to them is ship ability. The heavier a mattress is the more is costs to ship. Most people are side sleepers, side sleepers need more pressure relief, more pressure relief needs more materials, more materials means more weight which means less profit. Is this the best for your comfort?

Mattresses are not one size fits all.


All Mattress Direct factory direct show rooms have mattress specialists trained to fit you for the best mattress for your sleep needs.

Bellagio at Home Collection


The famous Bellagio hotel opened its doors on the Las Vegas strip on October 15, 1998.   The sprawling resort sits on the land that previously housed the legendary Dunes Hotel and Casino.  Inspired by the Lake Como town Bellagio in Italy, Bellagio is famed for its excellence. The main (original) tower features 36 floors with 3,015 rooms.  In 2004, a second tower known as the Spa Tower, was opened just south of the main tower and sits at 33 floors and 935 rooms.  

Aside from the famous Fountains at the Bellagio, the hotel offers many additional attractions for their guests.  The Bellagio is the home to the Cirque de Soleil aquatic show, "O", named to sound like the French word for water, "eau".  The show features water acts like synchronized swimming, as well as aerial and ground acts.  The grounds also contain a conservatory and botanical gardens.  The gardens feature five different seasonal themes throughout the year: Chinese New Year, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Additionally, the Bellagio features a gallery of fine art which contains exhibitions from private collectors, along with established museums.    
One of the biggest draws of patrons on the strip are the Fountains at the Bellagio.  These fountains are choreographed with performances set to light and music for over 30 songs.  The lake area that houses the fountains is 375,000 square feet, equivalent to three city blocks or eight football fields.  The choreographed shows are made possible through the use of 1,214 nozzles and a system of pipes.  The devices used are capable of shooting water higher than a 24-story building and have the ability to shimmy, twirl, and spin.  The streams of water are lit with over 4,500 lights, which can be set to change colors depending on the song or time of year.  The system of fountains is so complex, the Bellagio staffs a team of 30 to clean, maintain, and make emergency repairs on the fountains between shows at all times.  The fountains can be seen from several different vantage points on the strip and attract crowds all through the year.      

For the first time, the beds featured in the suites at the Bellagio Hotel are available direct from the factory at all 18 Mattress Direct locations.  These mattresses are full of pressure relieving material and offer the necessary support.  Feel like you're sleeping on a luxury vacation in your bedroom and start getting a great night's sleep for less than the cost of weekend getaway.  Head into any of the area locations and check out the all new Bellagio Hotel Collection at Mattress Direct. 



Why Daylight Savings Time feels like Jet Lag


The start of Daylight Saving Time is a clear indication of the warmer weather and evening sunshine headed our way.  Although most of us are excited for this change, we often forget about the effects of losing an hour of our sleep has on our body and regular routine.   


Getting great, restorative sleep allows you to be more efficient during the day and acts as the moving force behind all your daily abilities.  With Daylight Saving Time, usually the loss of an hour in our day takes time out of our sleep.  Most people tend stay up later and have trouble falling asleep earlier, causing them to feel like they have jet lag on Monday.  We know that most Mondays may feel like you are suffering from a change in time zones, but this Monday, you will actually have a reason.  Our internal clocks struggle to adjust not only to the routine but to the fact that the mornings are now darker, and the evenings are lighter. 


An hour difference in your day may not seem like a lot, but studies show that car accidents increase by 17% the Monday after Daylight Saving Time occurs.  Scientists think this occurs because most of the time the loss of the hour affects the amount of time we have to sleep, making people less alert and slowing reaction times.  It also makes sense that National Napping Day falls on March 12th, a day after the time switch, which is when you are definitely feeling the effects of the loss of sleep and you are wishing you could lay down and take a little nap. 


Although there is still debate over whether changing the clocks holds significant benefit or if it should still even happen, doesn't will still happen and you should be ready for it on Sunday.  Within a few days, your internal clock will readjust, and you'll start feeling back to normal.  If you're still suffering with not getting enough sleep, consider heading into the nearest Mattress Direct location and learning which sleep products can help you get the best night sleep so you're never dealing with that jet lag feeling again. 

Exercise and Sleep


New Year’s Resolution time is in full swing and everyone is trying to get their routine down. You have to make a schedule that works best for you. Some people think that morning workouts are the only way to go and that working out at night actually hurts your sleep, but that is just not true. Working out is best whenever you can do it. If you are a morning person and find it easiest to wake up and go---then do it. If you have to work out after work that’s fine too whatever is best for your schedule that you can make a part of your weekly routine.

There’s always been this myth that you cannot work out four hours before you want to go to sleep, but that isn’t true for all. Very few people are affected by this. Most people can even find it easier to fall asleep after working out. Exercise overall improves sleep and allows people to rest more efficiently.

Typically, if you have trouble falling asleep after exercising it is because of temperature. Your core body temperature tends to rise after a vigorous workout and it also rises due to our natural circadian rhythm around the time you are trying to go to sleep. Lowering the temperature to 68 degrees and making sure you have the proper sleep environment is the key to success.

The proper sleep environment includes a dark quiet room, a mattress that is breathable (preferably in this case with cooling features such as cooling gel and/or breeze technology), cooling pillows, breathable sheets and a breathable mattress protector. Keeping you cool will allow you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. When you are cool it also allows you to reach deeper stages of sleep faster as well.

So don’t worry if the only time in your schedule to work out is late at night. You can still get the proper sleep you need for your rest and recovery. Just make sure to stay cool. 

Eat Healthy, Exercise, SLEEP! Keep your New Year's Resolution!

Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions!

Every year around this time we all sit down and think about how we can make this year “our year”. What can we do to improve ourselves? Some years it is a big change, while some years it is small. Overwhelmingly every year the biggest New Year’s Resolution is to Get Fit or Lose Weight. This is the gym’s biggest time of the year. Everyone wants to get in shape!

There are three very important keys to losing weight, but typically we only think of two.

  1.        Eat Healthy
  2.        Exercise
  3.        REST-Get the proper amount of sleep.

You can eat properly and start an exercise routine, but if you aren’t getting enough sleep you will not lose weight or get in shape to your full potential.

Henry Cavill (I think we can say is a rather fit human being) before starting training to be the…… muscular….. Super Man had to promise his trainer to get 9-10 hours of sleep every night, otherwise all of his time in the gym would be for not.

Most people aren’t training to be Super Man, but if you are eating healthy and exercising you want to get your maximum results and for that you need to make sure to sleep and recover. During deep sleep our bodies are repairing the muscles you have worked during the day. This process is incredibly important. You want to build muscles which in turns burns fat. Your body is doing more in those 8-10 hours to make you lose weight and add muscle than you did in your hour at the gym! It is kind of nice to think about the fact that while you are sleeping you are actually getting healthier! This can only happen if you put in the time to your new exercise routine!

If you are one of the millions of Americans wanting to start this year off right with a new exercise routine/healthier lifestyle do not for get to GET ENOUGH SLEEP.

A very important part of getting enough sleep is your mattress. If you are unable to get a good 8 hour sleep because you are tossing and turning all night consider replacing your mattress. All Mattress Direct factory direct show rooms have mattress specialists trained to fit you for the best mattress for your sleep needs.  Plus, Mattress Direct makes shopping for the right mattress easy with our nationwide guaranteed lowest price factory direct savings. You get the lowest prices on everything in our showroom up-front so we can focus on finding the best mattress to help you. 

How does Sleep affect your Mood?


You probably have personal experience with just how much sleep affects mood. If you miss a full night of sleep the day after just feels more stressful. Irritability increases when we need more sleep.

Research studies that limited subjects to only 4 ½ hours of sleep each night found that after just one week, subjects reported increases in feelings of anger, stress, sadness and more difficulty thinking clearly.

Fortunately, after returning to normal sleep the participants in the study noted major improvements in their ability to concentrate and general mood.

Mood and Sleep are closely related.

Have you noticed that when you are anxious about a test, review or even an exciting event like a vacation you have trouble falling asleep? Anxiety makes you feel more alert. If you are feeling stressed constantly or reacting to stress you may be experiencing sleep problems.

Perhaps you are having trouble falling asleep.

There is a very strong chance that your mattress is inadequate. Ensure that your mattress is providing firm support with pressure point relief that allows you to feel comfortable. Seeing a sleep specialist with expertise to fit you properly for your mattress can ensure this is not an issue.

If you have difficulty sleeping, experts say it may be an early sign of depression. Up to 20% of people diagnosed with insomnia will develop major depression. Research is still being done on this subject but depression and abnormal sleep patterns may be related according to some studies.

Make yourself happier with a better sleep environment. If you are not sleeping it can cause you to feel off your game. Stop in to your nearest Mattress Direct showroom and consult with our factory trained sleep specialists. Sleep and your mood are related so don’t put off getting rest any longer.

All Mattress Direct factory direct show rooms have mattress specialists trained to fit you for the best mattress for your sleep needs.  Plus, Mattress Direct makes shopping for the right mattress easy with our nationwide guaranteed lowest price factory direct savings. You get the lowest prices on everything in our showroom up-front so we can focus on finding the best mattress to help you.

Mattress Direct is a factory direct showroom for Tempur-pedic, Sealy, Stearns and Foster, iDirect, King Koil, and Campbell Mattress of Missouri. We proudly carry mattresses made in USA such as the Sealy Posturepedic, King Koil, Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid, Sealy Conform, Tempurpedic Cloud, Tempurpedic Conform and Tempurpedic Flex, Stearns & Foster Estate, Stearns & Foster Lux Estate, Stearns & Foster Reserve and Stearns & Foster Hybrid. We are locally owned and operated serving the greater St. Louis area and growing. Please visit our factory direct mattress showrooms so you get the lowest price and the very best mattress for your particular needs.

Giving your Guests the best!


Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Get your guest room set up right before guests arrive.

Are you hosting family or friends for Thanksgiving? You have a lot of things to get ready. There’s the big dinner to plan, of course, but before the guests arrive you may also want to make some changes to guest sleeping arrangements so they can wake up refreshed to make the trip back home.

Make sure you are covered.
A mattress protector should practically be required in guest rooms. Maybe you have children staying or older adults who are likely to have an accident but even if your guests are not likely to spill anything in bed you should protect your mattress with a mattress protector that keeps allergens, moisture and accidents away from the mattress. A mattress protector creates a barrier that can keep a house guest’s small accident from ruining a mattress. Mattress protectors can be taken off and washed so your guests can sleep on a fresh clean mattress every time they visit.

Protecting all the mattresses in your home can help your mattresses last longer. If you suffer from dust or pet allergies a mattress protector can keep these allergens out of your mattress so you rest better.

It may be a good opportunity to replace your master bedroom mattress. If your guest room can accommodate the same size mattress as your bedroom now is your chance to help your guests sleep better while also improving your sleep. If you are waking up with any stiffness or noticing restlessness on your mattress it may be a good opportunity to address these issues. Your guests will appreciate sleeping on a nice mattress and you will appreciate the increased comfort a new mattress can provide.

If you are happy with your mattress and just need a guest bed consider who you are shopping for.
If your guests need more support or have given any feedback regarding your guest room share that information with your sleep specialist. Many mattress designs work better than others depending on your particular sleep issues. Often the best choice for a guest room is a mattress that provides great support while also providing comfortable pressure relief.

If you do not have enough beds for everyone consider offering sleepers with back, hip, neck or shoulder first priority for sleeping in a bed. Additionally, any guests who may be driving for longer periods could appreciate the improved restfulness they’ll get sleeping in your guest bed.

Younger children and sleepers without back pain may be able to get by with a night on the couch or on air mattresses but if you have a lot of guests that need better support while they sleep you may consider keeping spare mattresses to place on the floor in storage.

Everyone’s needs can vary so find the best solution for you. Have a happy Thanksgiving!