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Sleep Specialist - Brandon

In Wentzville, Brandon is helping people get a better night's sleep, and saving them money while doing it.

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Welcome to Campbell

When I was a kid, the mattresses we got from Campbell were better than the other mattresses we got from other manufacturers.

This is ancient history in mattress years, for a business that doesn't seem to have changed a lot in a lot of years, it's worth noting that the years since I sold my first mattresses in the 1990s have seen the most changes the industry has seen since the beginning. But from my first experience with Campbell it was clear, they were not out to build the cheapest mattress you could find. Those wouldn't be allowed to bare the Campbell name. They also were not out to build the most expensive mattress you could find. What they did do, was give you the most mattress for your money and put that money back to work in Missouri, which meant a lot to my dad, and to me.

As the industry started changing, it really changed with, and for, and around my generation. Mattresses are an old school kind of business, that has adapted to be more convenient and transparent in the digital age. When I was a kid selling my first Campbell mattress, we didn't have the internet or cell phones, but it wasn't too many years later before lots of information was readily available, which has always provided me, what I consider, the ideal perspective for the modern world. Understanding the new technological advancements and the consumer's motivations, comes easily to marketing and business students today. Just as building a solid business, that you're proud to put your face in front of came easily to my dad, and his dad. Being able to look at how it's been done, and how things are starting to be done, to forge a path forward is my calling card. That, and wearing lots and lots of hats.

During this rapidly changing era of the mattress business, Campbell had lost her leader, and so she struggled to find her place in the new world. When the opportunity to become involved presented itself, I knew that it had the potential to be something very special. A fresh perspective, and a convergence of my experience building a business from scratch and my love and respect for stewarding a heritage brand.

The New Campbell will feel familiar, and brings the best of the early years forward, while introducing some new and exciting products and features that are designed to give you the very best night's sleep possible. That's what it's all about after all, getting a great night's sleep. And so I welcome you to the new Campbell Sleep.

Pat McCurren
Campbell Sleep, LLC

Sleep Specialist Zac

The Sleep Specialists of Mattress Direct are here to help you get a better night's rest for less.

Zac is a sleep specialist that truly believes that comfort is subjective. That’s why he takes the time to make sure you find the most comfortable mattress to you. He became a sleep specialist to help his community sleep better so that they can live happy and fulfilling lives. Zac is St. Louis born and raised, supporting both the Blues and The Cardinals. He enjoys going to those games and Any event where he gets to spend time with his loved ones.

Personal Pillow: Zero Pillow 001
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Favorite Musical Group: The Platters
Favorite Board Game: Settlers of Catan
The Incredible Shrinking Bed!!!!
The Incredible Shrinking Bed!!!!

Is it just me or did this bed get smaller?!

Do you have to wear headgear and a mouth guard to protect yourself from your partner’s flailing sleeping self?
Does your mattress turn into the landing pad for your kids and/or pets?
Tired of waking up to your partners dragon breath right up on you in the morning?


That’s right! Stop settling for that old mattress that you've had since you went away to school and were fortunate enough to have an apartment (Those dorm room mattresses!!!! YIKES!!)

If your family is growing, gained a pet, or just need that extra elbow room….moving up to a King from a Queen is gonna help. It is becoming the most popular size and keeping couples happier during their night time slumber. You gain a whole 16” in width…(Queen is 60”X80” and King is 76” X 80”) While that doesn’t sound like much, it makes a world of difference.

It increases the motion separation in all the BeautyrestiComforts, and iComfort Hybrids. Yeah, you will feel even less of your partner moving or little Johnny/Janey belly flopping into the bed in the morning.

A lot of customers have been getting into a Dual King set up (2 Half King width mattresses with 2 Half King width motion bases). This is fine tuning your sleep at its finest! Both sleepers get to maximize their comfort without settling for each others preferences. Plus….NO FIGHTING OVER A REMOTE!!!

So call your local Mattress Direct and set up an appointment to get YOUR new BIGGER bed and get YOUR Best Rest for Less!




Mind Blown: Headaches and Poor Sleep

If you suffer from migraines, you know the drill. Avoid caffeine and strong scents. Cross your fingers and hope the barometric pressure doesn’t change. Have some sumatriptan on hand. Keep the lights low and try hard not to throw up. Gulp.

More than half of all patients in sleep clinics have sleep disorders

Five million Americans had at least one migraine last month, and 30% of women suffer from migraines at some point during their lifetimes. There is also strong evidence that headaches tend to run in families.

Looking beyond hormones

Some migraine triggers, like hormonal shifts, are well known. One important but lesser known trigger is no shocker to us:  poor sleep. According to the American Migraine Association, “In specialty headache clinics, well over half of headache patients have chronic sleep problems.”  Which makes sense, because the same area of the brain that controls sleep also controls headaches and mood.  One telltale sign that sleep may be the culprit: waking up with a headache.

Disrupted sleep cycles

So what’s going on here? While it hasn’t been conclusively proven, it’s commonly thought that the lack of deep, restful sleep is a major factor in headaches. Poor sleep does more than leave us tired. It interferes with the night’s healthy sleep cycles, leaving them incomplete.

Quick recap:  Sleep isn’t just one long period of uneventful rest. Your brain cycles through different kinds of sleep with various functions for each.  The brain uses those cycles to cleanse, repair and refresh itself along with the rest of your body. Cycles repeat about four times a night through a progression of slow-wave sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. The first two are mostly for healing the body, while REM refreshes your emotions and memory.  But all the types of sleep rely on completed, repeated cycles to get their jobs done.

Headache sufferers often miss out on sleep cycles 3 and 4, the most restorative cycles of the night. That leaves us low on serotonin and dopamine, the brain’s feel-good chemicals, which can lead to depression and feeling pain more acutely.

According to Dr. Ben Smarr, neurobiologist and circadian rhythms specialist, when you don’t get enough restful sleep, “Not only are your brain’s transmitters not reset, but metabolic wastes aren’t fully cleaned. When your brain isn’t reset emotionally or intellectually, it works less efficiently. This makes everything in your day harder to manage, including pain.”

Here are a couple of specific sleep issues linked to headaches.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Does your partner say you snore? Do you already know you do? If you suffer from headaches in the morning on any consistent basis, snoring or sleep apnea could be a cause. Sleep apnea is nothing to mess around with; it can have some very serious health consequences. See a doctor.

Poor sleep habits

that people who get six hours or less of sleep have far more headaches. Too much sleep, i.e., 8.5 hours or more for adults, is no good either. An unstable sleep schedule will also lead to headaches. Go to bed at a consistent time, get the appropriate amount of sleep, darken your room, keep it cool and keep distractions to a minimum. For more advice on good sleep hygiene, click .


While we’re at it, an easy non-sleep-related thing you can do that may prevent migraines is to drink a little water at bedtime. Dehydration is a major cause of headache. Keep a glass of water on your nightstand and take a few sips if you wake up in the middle of the night.

Rolling out of bed with a headache stinks, frankly. If you’re like most people, you’d probably like to get off to a cheerful start each day. So try improving your sleep to see if it makes a difference. Other than insomnia and headaches, what have you got to lose?

Shop Local and Save

Sleep has become an even larger factor than ever before and not having the comfort or support in a time where you may be in bed for an abnormal amount can be detrimental to long term physical health. Now, more than ever it is important to have a bed that gives you a great night's sleep without waking you up sweating or with aches and pains. Mattress Direct is here to help anybody and everyone find their perfect bed for less. Being local means caring for the community especially during difficult times like right now. Even if you're unable to come in to a store or concerned about the current state of things, Mattress Direct has an incredibly easy and simple way of shopping around without even having to take a step in the store. You can shop online and are even able to pay with PayPal or Venmo for an online order and not have to worry about card information which makes the process quick and effortless. The best service and prices from people who live in your neighborhood!

Sleep Rules: Rule Number 1: Align Your Spine with a Perfect Pillow.

So, the quest for a perfect pillow is as daunting as The Holy Grail or the Davinci code. Or is it? I mean it’s just a pillow, right? Well, that overlooked article of bedding consists of 30% of your spine, BRO! I didn’t believe it at first, but it’s the truth. Then I remembered my old wrestling friends telling me that “if you control the head, you control the body.” I use to pass that on by because I couldn’t relate it to anything in my life at the time. I mean, I wasn’t shooting any double leg take downs or suplexing anybody at the time. But now it makes sense. If my head is not in proper alignment, NEITHER is my body! So that explained my years of neck, shoulder, and hip aches. IT WASN’T JUST THE MATTRESS!!!!

So how does one find an ever elusive “Perfect Pillow”? Well, go get fitted. Mattress Direct does this. They actual do this before you even lay down on your potential mattress. First, they take into accounts your sleeping position (side, back, stomach, any which way but loose) and choose the appropriate pillow for such position. Then have you lay down on a bed that is suitable for your request of comfort. No longer do you have to wander a store holding a pillow like an old boom box. That may bring you back to your break dancing days, but it will not bring you to Comfort Town. Comfort Town is when you have that one pillow, one pillow that rules them all. Lord of The Pillows style.

Come on by one of your friendly, neighborhood Mattress Directs and get fitted for that pillow Today. I mean, why wait till tomorrow when you aren’t sleeping any better and are in a foul mood. You don’t like that you, and the world will be better once you start following the Sleep Rules.

Exercise and Sleep

New Year’s Resolution time is in full swing and everyone is trying to get their routine down. You have to make a schedule that works best for you. Some people think that morning workouts are the only way to go and that working out at night actually hurts your sleep, but that is just not true. Working out is best whenever you can do it. If you are a morning person and find it easiest to wake up and go---then do it. If you have to work out after work that’s fine too whatever is best for your schedule that you can make a part of your weekly routine.

There’s always been this myth that you cannot work out four hours before you want to go to sleep, but that isn’t true for all. Very few people are affected by this. Most people can even find it easier to fall asleep after working out. Exercise overall improves sleep and allows people to rest more efficiently.

Typically, if you have trouble falling asleep after exercising it is because of temperature. Your core body temperature tends to rise after a vigorous workout and it also rises due to our natural circadian rhythm around the time you are trying to go to sleep. Lowering the temperature to 68 degrees and making sure you have the proper sleep environment is the key to success.

The proper sleep environment includes a dark quiet room, a mattress that is breathable (preferably in this case with cooling features such as cooling gel and/or breeze technology), cooling pillows, breathable sheets and a breathable mattress protector. Keeping you cool will allow you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. When you are cool it also allows you to reach deeper stages of sleep faster as well.

So don’t worry if the only time in your schedule to work out is late at night. You can still get the proper sleep you need for your rest and recovery. Just make sure to stay cool.

The New Relax-O-Pedic X Series
The New Relax-O-Pedic X Series
The New Relax-O-Pedic X Series is available now.