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What's a pillow anyway?

Definition of Pillow:

pil-low : something, usually a cloth bag stuffed with materials to support the head while lying down, or during a slumber party a pillow can be used as a weapon.

A pillow is much much more than just a bag full of stuff or a weapon! Think of a pillow as the most important component of a great night's rest. A special bed just for your head! A great sleep system consists of a supportive mattress and supportive pillows designed to fit the way you get to sleep. About 30% of your spine rests on the pillow and your entire spinal alignment begins in the neck and shoulders areas. Have you ever thought you slept pretty well the night before just to wake up with sore neck, shoulders or headache? Chances are, you are sleeping on the wrong pillow for your body type or the way you get to sleep.

It helps to think of your pillow and mattress as a team. After all, they work together to give your body the proper alignment all the way from the tip of your head to the bottom of your footsies.

Today's advanced pillows are designed, manufactured and used for the best in sleeping support for your head, neck and shoulders. As far as a "weapon"? Well I guess you can say that your pillow is one of the best weapons to combat bad sleeping posture and bad alignment!

So, if you're ready to get your best rest for your entire body, all 100% of it, think about getting rid your old "head bag" and replacing it with a brand new and ultra supportive Bed for Your Head. The pillow!

The Sleep Specialists at Mattress Direct recommend getting fitted for your pillow at any of our factory direct showrooms. However, 'you can order your pillow online here.

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