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The New Relax-O-Pedic X Series

The New Relax-O-Pedic X Series

The New Relax-O-Pedic X Series of Sleep Systems have been redesigned from the ground up to further augment the quality of sleep that can be achieved by individuals and couples. With enhanced temperature regulation holds your body at the ideal sleeping temperature while the ergonomic contouring comfort materials fully support your body in your most restful position.

The initial climate control and pressure relief cradle your skeletal system to reduce any circulation restrictions often found in traditional mattresses. The ergonomic support inside every X Series Sleep System fits the curvature of your body whether you get to sleep on your back, side, or stomach. The dynamic lumbar support and pressure point relief fit your body - and your partner's body allowing your muscular system to disengage during sleep.

You'll finally be able to rest, relax, and recover when your pressure points are relieved and your body is held in the ideal sleeping position throughout the night.

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