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How our Mattress Technology Works

  • The ReST Bed™ is a mattress with five zones, each corresponding to a part of the body (Head, Shoulder, Lumbar, Hips, and Legs).
  • Using the ReST® app, you can customize the level of support for any of these zones.
  • In addition, embedded in the mattress is a patented fabric, which monitors your unique shape and pressure profile. This sleep data is sent to a whisper quiet pump below the mattress which then automatically adjusts the mattress’ firmness in real time.
  • The ReSTdash™ feature of the app reports unique sleep data, which empowers you with the information you need to perform your best.
  • Of course, the ReST Bed™ not only collects sleep data; it also helps you sleep better in the first place!

ReST Bed™ Features:


  • Highly durable warp knit nylon-polyesther blend material that is soft, elastic, and breathable. It’s also 100% fabric, no cumbersome or uncomfortable sensors.
  • Monitors almost 2,000 pressure points.
  • Originally designed for hospital beds, the medical grade sensor uses advanced mattress technology that ensures constant and real time pressure mapping to reduce pressure when needed during the night.

Air System

  • Whisper quiet air pumps
  • Multiple air chambers allow for different firmness for different body zones (Head, Shoulders, Lumbar, Hips and Legs)

Three Operating Modes

  • Automatic: the most innovative mattress technology function ever found in a bed. Allows the ReST Bed™ to automatically and continuously adjust to your desired firmness, whatever your position.
  • Position Detection: set how firm the ReST Bed™ feels when you’re on your back AND how firm the ReST Bed™ feels when you’re on your side. The ReST Bed™ uses advanced sensing technology to detect your sleeping position, and will adjust to your settings based on your movement while you sleep during the night.
  • Manual: customize support for each zone of your body (Head, Shoulders, Lumbar, Hips, and Legs). Allows you to change the feel as often as your needs change.


  • Reporting capabilities to display sleep data on tablet (included) or other wireless device
  • WiFi connectivity that allows ReST Bed™ to integrate with existing and future technologies

Top-to-bottom Construction

  • Modular construction: Every component is easily replaceable meaning we offer an industry-leading 10 year non-prorated warranty. The modular design ensures years of having a high quality durable bed. Instead of having to throw away an entire mattress after 8-10 years of use, The ReST Bed™ allows you to replace only the parts of the bed that may wear over time.
  • 360 degree removable washable cover: For added sanitary purposes, The ReST Bed™ cover can be removed and washed.
  • Digitally imaged sleep skin surface. This material is a breathable performance stretching fabric. It allows for maximum comfort and conformability from the comfort layers and support chambers.
  • 3” cooling gel-infused memory foam comfort layer. Provides a cool, comfortable pressure relieving surface.
  • 1” high resilience foam for additional support providing a solid platform.
  • 5.5” dynamic air support system providing individualized support to head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs. Each zone adjusts independently and allows you to custom fit the bed to your exact comfort preference.
  • Medical grade polyurethane air chambers. The highly resilient material is molded with the seams welded shut, preventing any slow air leaks over time.
  • Interlocking edge support, designed to maximize sleeping surface and prevent dipping and sagging at the edges.
  • Sturdy base support foam providing a platform.

Manual Mode

Customize support for each zone of your body. The ReST Bed™ has five ergonomically-designed zones: head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs.

In Manual Mode, you can independently adjust each of these zones so that you are custom fitting the bed however you’d like. For example, if you’d like the bed to feel firmer in just your shoulder area, you can simply increase the firmness by adjusting that zone. Or, if you’d like the mattress softer in your hip area, simply adjust the firmness by lowering the slider bar in the hip area.

When the zones turn light blue, that indicates they’re getting softer. When they turn red, that means they’re getting firmer. Once the mattress has reached a firmness level you prefer, simply tap “Stop,” and the app will lock in your settings. You can make these and other changes as often or as little as you’d like.

Manual Mode

Auto Position

In Auto Position Mode, you can set how firm the ReST Bed™ feels when you’re on your back and how firm the ReST Bed™ feels when you’re on your side. Our mattress technology has a medical grade sensor just below the surface, which allows the smart bed to detect hot spots, as well as show a real-time pressure map of your body. It also allows the bed to know what sleeping position you are in.

Auto Position Mode allows you to custom fit the bed to your preference and then lock in the settings for when you’re on your back and for when you’re on your side. For example, if while you’re on your back, you like the bed softer in your hips, simply adjust the bed accordingly. When you’re happy with the comfort level, tap “Stop.” The bed will lock in your preferences.

Then, you can change the feel of the bed for when you’re on your side. Throughout the night – based on the position you’re in – the bed will automatically adjust to your desired comfort levels.

Auto Position

Automatic Mode

Automatic Mode allows the ReST Bed™ to automatically and continuously adjust to your desired firmness, whatever your position. When you move, the bed moves.

In Automatic Mode, the sensors in the bed constantly look for pressure points, and then automatically make subtle adjustments in real-time, while you sleep.

You simply set an overall comfort preference between firmer and softer by moving the slider. From there, the ReST Bed™ mattress technology will automatically work all night long to keep you comfortable by equally distributing pressure.

Automatic Mode