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Make your Bedroom a better Sleep Zone

Simple tips that make your bedroom a better sleep zone.

Get the light right.

Stick with lower output light bulbs with warmer orange shades of white light instead of bright white light bulbs so your bedroom light is more similar to shades of light you’d experience at sunset. Bright white light sends you the signal to be awake. Check your light bulb’s packaging and look for the light appearance rating around 2200K to 2700K.

White light with a cooler appearance rating makes you feel like it is day time.
Our natural circadian rhythm is the normal rhythm that our body and mind adheres to which is based on the light from the sun. Luckily, we live in a time where light is enjoyed at the flip of a switch but this artificial light interferes with our natural circadian rhythm which can make getting to sleep more difficult.

Using a bedside lamp for ambient light is better than using overhead lighting that shines down on you. You can improve your bedroom’s lighting with an end table equipped with a lower watt bulb. Remember, a warmer light color appearance rating is going to limit the wave lengths of light that make you feel like it’s time to be awake.

Make it smell swell.

Maybe your bedroom doesn’t stink but if you are struggling to fall asleep, a calming scent like lavender, jasmine, vanilla or rosemary could help you relax. Have you ever smelled something and recalled a memory? Our sense of smell is linked to our memory. Calming scents can be used as a signal to your body that it is time for sleep. A potpourri bowl next to your bedside with calming herbs could do just the trick but be wary of candles if you are unable to put them out before bed.

It’s time to mention your television.

If you are struggling to sleep you may want to limit TV time at night. Exposure to the light emitted by TVs, tablets, computers and pocket game systems has been shown to make sleep more difficult. Reading a book, magazine, newspaper or e ink tablet before bed could help limit your exposure to the types of light that tell your brain to stay awake. You may also be able to change settings on some devices to limit these types of light.

Make sure your mattress is supporting your back, not holding you back.

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