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Mattress Direct partners with St. Louis Blues to debut Zero Mattress and Pillow.

Mattress Direct partners with The St. Louis Blues to debut a St. Louis Blues Zero Mattress and Smart Pillow.

St. Louis, November 4th, 2019:  - Mattress Direct ( a St. Louis based Mattress Seller, and their subsidiary, Campbell Mattress (, a mattress manufacturer in Cape Girardeau, MO have announced a partnership with the Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues ( to offer a St. Louis Blues themed Zero Mattress ( and Smart Pillow in the official team store and online.

The St. Louis Blues Zero Mattress and Smart Pillow feature Zero Cooling Technology that pulls excess heat away from your body and both will be available for purchase in the STL Authentics team store and online at the team’s official web store.

Mattress Direct has been The Performance Bedding partner of the St. Louis Blues dating back to the 2015-2016 season, fitting the team for sleep products that help them rest, relax, and recover from the rigors of the NHL season.

“Bringing these remarkable products to the STL Authentics team store is a dream come true.” Said, Pat McCurren CEO of Mattress Direct, Inc and a lifelong Blues Fan. “Keeping your body cool helps maintain the deepest stages of sleep.” McCurren continued, “with the ideal balance of comfort and support to relieve pressure and align your spine, the St. Louis Blues Zero Mattress and Pillow offer the kind of rest you should expect. Now everyone can sleep like the pros do.”

The St. Louis Blues Zero Mattress and Smart Pillow are set to debut this December, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Mattress Direct, Inc.

4280 North Service Road

St. Peters, MO 63376

(314) 370-1700

St. Louis Blues Hockey Club
Enterprise Center
1401 Clark Avenue at Brett Hull Way


Mattress Direct, Inc ( is a leading sleep specialty seller in the St. Louis area, and the parent company of Campbell Sleep, LLC.

Campbell Sleep, LLC ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattress Direct, Inc and has been building mattresses in the state of Missouri since it was founded in 1933.

Zero Mattress ( is a cooling mattress in a box designed in St. Louis, MO by Mattress Direct, Inc.

Media Contact, Mattress Direct – [email protected] 314-370-1700

Adjust your Sleep


Adjustable mattress foundations and Zero bases are more popular than ever.

Are you struggling to find room in your house for everyone? Do you notice yourself propping up pillows in the bedroom so you can sit up to watch TV? Are any other members of the family trying to spend waking hours in bed because they need space to relax?

An adjustable base makes your house feel bigger

More families than ever are discovering how much more comfortable space their homes seem to have when every member of the family is content to lounge in their bedroom comfortably. Adjustable bases take the place of a standard box spring. The head and feet portion of the mattress foundation are controlled to lift so you can sit up in bed or elevate your feet for better back and hip alignment.

Sleeping on an adjustable mattress base is better than sleeping flat but many back and neck strains are caused even before bed when young students or parents prop their heads up to finish homework assignments or watch TV. 

Our backs always benefit when we can provide proper alignment and support to allow muscles to relax and avoid strains. Avoid the pain.

Never stub your toe on the coffee table in the middle of the night again

If you sometimes find yourself walking through a dark house after falling asleep in the living room on a couch or chair just think of how much better your back would feel if you fell asleep in an ergonomic lounging position in bed. With one touch of your remote control your bed, not you, will move and adjust to your sleep position if you happen to wake up before it’s time to start your morning.

Enjoy time alone with your partner in the most comfortable spot in the house.

You may be struggling to make alone time with yourself and your partner.
Let the family have the family room. Partners love watching TVs, tablets, reading, or cuddling in a relaxed lounging position in bed. No more strained necks from contorting to see the TV. Try an adjustable base and make yourself comfortable. Give your family a little bit of space so you can max out your time to relax. Adjustable bases are available in twin sizes as well. If you are tired of losing the living room to your kids, an adjustable base can make their rooms more desirable with better positions available for browsing computers or completing homework.

If you feel adding additional comfortable space in your house would provide some benefit check out an adjustable base. Many adjustable bases have convenient features like charging ports so if you like to work or play on electronic devices late into the night you can keep going from the comfort of your reclining adjustable mattress set.

Whether you are looking for better alignment when you sleep, more comfort while you watch TV, more space to enjoy a movie or a book with your partner or a better spot for the children to do homework an adjustable mattress can be the perfect solution for maximizing the space of your home.

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By Justin Taylor