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How does Sleep affect your Mood?


You probably have personal experience with just how much sleep affects mood. If you miss a full night of sleep the day after just feels more stressful. Irritability increases when we need more sleep.

Research studies that limited subjects to only 4 ½ hours of sleep each night found that after just one week, subjects reported increases in feelings of anger, stress, sadness and more difficulty thinking clearly.

Fortunately, after returning to normal sleep the participants in the study noted major improvements in their ability to concentrate and general mood.

Mood and Sleep are closely related.

Have you noticed that when you are anxious about a test, review or even an exciting event like a vacation you have trouble falling asleep? Anxiety makes you feel more alert. If you are feeling stressed constantly or reacting to stress you may be experiencing sleep problems.

Perhaps you are having trouble falling asleep.

There is a very strong chance that your mattress is inadequate. Ensure that your mattress is providing firm support with pressure point relief that allows you to feel comfortable. Seeing a sleep specialist with expertise to fit you properly for your mattress can ensure this is not an issue.

If you have difficulty sleeping, experts say it may be an early sign of depression. Up to 20% of people diagnosed with insomnia will develop major depression. Research is still being done on this subject but depression and abnormal sleep patterns may be related according to some studies.

Make yourself happier with a better sleep environment. If you are not sleeping it can cause you to feel off your game. Stop in to your nearest Mattress Direct showroom and consult with our factory trained sleep specialists. Sleep and your mood are related so don’t put off getting rest any longer.

All Mattress Direct factory direct show rooms have mattress specialists trained to fit you for the best mattress for your sleep needs.  Plus, Mattress Direct makes shopping for the right mattress easy with our nationwide guaranteed lowest price factory direct savings. You get the lowest prices on everything in our showroom up-front so we can focus on finding the best mattress to help you.

Mattress Direct is a factory direct showroom for Tempur-pedic, Sealy, Stearns and Foster, iDirect, King Koil, and Campbell Mattress of Missouri. We proudly carry mattresses made in USA such as the Sealy Posturepedic, King Koil, Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid, Sealy Conform, Tempurpedic Cloud, Tempurpedic Conform and Tempurpedic Flex, Stearns & Foster Estate, Stearns & Foster Lux Estate, Stearns & Foster Reserve and Stearns & Foster Hybrid. We are locally owned and operated serving the greater St. Louis area and growing. Please visit our factory direct mattress showrooms so you get the lowest price and the very best mattress for your particular needs.

Memory Foam or Springs


You will see two main varieties of mattress when you shop for a mattress traditional inner spring mattresses and memory foam. Both are fantastic depending on your own personal preference and sleeping style.

Memory foam you sleep more inside the mattress, while innerspring mattresses you sleep more on top of the mattress.

All memory foam mattresses are made of foam but some mattresses are cooler than others.  Gel has some limited cooling properties, but try more advanced cooling methods like Tempurpedic Breeze technology or Sealy Chill cooling technology if you tend to sleep hot.

Tempurpedic is the most recommended style of memory foam mattress. It is made entirely of advanced TempurMaterial. Tempurpedic pioneered advanced cooling technology with Tempurpedic Breeze which gives mattresses a cool to the touch feel so you sleep cool.

Many cheap memory foam mattress brands come and go. You may have tried a mattress before that was not good quality, but trusted brands like Tempurpedic have very high standards.

TempurMaterial is proprietary just to Tempur-Pedic. Their material conforms better and lasts longer. Plus, Tempur foams adapt to pressure better so you sleep with less tossing and turning. If you sleep with a partner they will appreciate the fact that memory foam mattresses isolate motion.

Tempur-Pedic offers 2 varieties of all foam mattresses. Tempurpedic Contour mattresses are firm, but adapt to provide pressure relief and great alignment. Tempurpedic Cloud mattresses give an initial feel of softness, while still providing a lot of support. Both styles are available with extra Breeze cooling.

Sealy Conform is another great option for those seeking a memory foam mattress. Conform mattresses use different technology throughout their line. Most of their memory foam has what Sealy is known for—their Posturepedic technology. The center third of their memory foam is reinforced to support you where you need it most. The all memory foam Sealy Conform mattresses have new improved Chill memory foam.

If you like the ease of movement that can be provided by an all spring mattress you may wish to look into a hybrid design that uses coils and memory foams in combination. Tempurpedic Flex mattresses and Sealy Hybrids have a more traditional support feel while providing the benefits of memory foam to ease pressure on shoulders and hips.

A hybrid memory foam mattress replaces some of the bottom support layers of a memory foam mattress with a traditional coil support system to bring back the feel of being on top of a mattress while allowing the memory foam on top to conform to your natural curves.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid or Stearns and Foster Hybrid mattresses are an excellent choice if you want memory foams but want to keep some of the traditional feel of a spring coil mattress.

If you like a sleep on top feel a traditional spring mattress or a hybrid could be the right one for you. Many of those style mattresses also have many cooling features as well. If you sleep mostly on your stomach, typically a firmer spring mattress (especially one with Posturepedic technology) would give you the support or firmness needed.

The best way to find out which one is right for you is to come in to your local Mattress Direct and feel each type for yourself. Your own unique body will be able to feel how the mattresses conform and support you. So wear comfy clothes and get ready for a nap. The longer you lay in a mattress the better of an idea you will get for the feel of it and how it will be for an entire night. Our sleep specialists can guide you until you find your perfect mattress!