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Giving your Guests the best!


Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Get your guest room set up right before guests arrive.

Are you hosting family or friends for Thanksgiving? You have a lot of things to get ready. There’s the big dinner to plan, of course, but before the guests arrive you may also want to make some changes to guest sleeping arrangements so they can wake up refreshed to make the trip back home.

Make sure you are covered.
A mattress protector should practically be required in guest rooms. Maybe you have children staying or older adults who are likely to have an accident but even if your guests are not likely to spill anything in bed you should protect your mattress with a mattress protector that keeps allergens, moisture and accidents away from the mattress. A mattress protector creates a barrier that can keep a house guest’s small accident from ruining a mattress. Mattress protectors can be taken off and washed so your guests can sleep on a fresh clean mattress every time they visit.

Protecting all the mattresses in your home can help your mattresses last longer. If you suffer from dust or pet allergies a mattress protector can keep these allergens out of your mattress so you rest better.

It may be a good opportunity to replace your master bedroom mattress. If your guest room can accommodate the same size mattress as your bedroom now is your chance to help your guests sleep better while also improving your sleep. If you are waking up with any stiffness or noticing restlessness on your mattress it may be a good opportunity to address these issues. Your guests will appreciate sleeping on a nice mattress and you will appreciate the increased comfort a new mattress can provide.

If you are happy with your mattress and just need a guest bed consider who you are shopping for.
If your guests need more support or have given any feedback regarding your guest room share that information with your sleep specialist. Many mattress designs work better than others depending on your particular sleep issues. Often the best choice for a guest room is a mattress that provides great support while also providing comfortable pressure relief.

If you do not have enough beds for everyone consider offering sleepers with back, hip, neck or shoulder first priority for sleeping in a bed. Additionally, any guests who may be driving for longer periods could appreciate the improved restfulness they’ll get sleeping in your guest bed.

Younger children and sleepers without back pain may be able to get by with a night on the couch or on air mattresses but if you have a lot of guests that need better support while they sleep you may consider keeping spare mattresses to place on the floor in storage.

Everyone’s needs can vary so find the best solution for you. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Keeping the Bed Clean: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Destroying Dust Mites

Keeping the Bed Clean: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Destroying Dust Mites. – by Justin Taylor

How often do you wash your sheets? Do you ever vacuum your mattress? What level of action is really necessary? Follow these tips to ensure a great night’s sleep free from dust mites and other allergens that may infiltrate your bedding.


1. Wash your sheets in hot water at least once a week

 120-130F water will kill those disgusting dust mites that dine on your dead skin cells while you sleep.

If your bedding must be washed in cooler temperatures look for additives that kill dust mites to add to your wash.


2. Protect your pillow
They can’t run, they can’t hide. Often over looked, the pillow is the kind of place a dust mite would want to retire. Many keep their pillows for years.

According to Ohio State University up to 10% of your pillow’s weight can be dead dust mites and their excretions. Pillow protectors will eliminate the ability for mites to infest your favorite pillow. A good quality and well-fitting pillow is worth investing in so be sure to protect it.


3. Protect your mattress    

Either vacuum your mattress at least once a year or better yet, invest in a protector.
Protect your mattress with a mattress protector to keep dust mites, bed bugs, sweat, oils or accidents away from your mattress. Many protectors are now available that not only protect your mattress but allow you to sleep cool all night long.  If you are adding a protector to a mattress that was unprotected it may be a good idea to spend some time cleaning the mattress with a vacuum to remove any dust mites you can before using the protector.


4. Throw your comforter in the dryer

Drying your comforter for 20-30 minutes can decrease the dust mite populations that live within.


5. Keep the humidity low

Dust mites love the humidity. You can slow their growth in numbers by avoiding humidifiers in the winter and running air conditioners or dehumidifiers in the summer in humid climate.


With this 5 pronged attack plan the dust mite populations in your bed shouldn’t stand a chance. Be sure to keep surfaces dusted and carpets vacuumed throughout the house to help eliminate dust mites everywhere else. 

Sleep well!