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Exercise and Sleep

New Year’s Resolution time is in full swing and everyone is trying to get their routine down. You have to make a schedule that works best for you. Some people think that morning workouts are the only way to go and that working out at night actually hurts your sleep, but that is just not true. Working out is best whenever you can do it. If you are a morning person and find it easiest to wake up and go---then do it. If you have to work out after work that’s fine too whatever is best for your schedule that you can make a part of your weekly routine.

There’s always been this myth that you cannot work out four hours before you want to go to sleep, but that isn’t true for all. Very few people are affected by this. Most people can even find it easier to fall asleep after working out. Exercise overall improves sleep and allows people to rest more efficiently.

Typically, if you have trouble falling asleep after exercising it is because of temperature. Your core body temperature tends to rise after a vigorous workout and it also rises due to our natural circadian rhythm around the time you are trying to go to sleep. Lowering the temperature to 68 degrees and making sure you have the proper sleep environment is the key to success.

The proper sleep environment includes a dark quiet room, a mattress that is breathable (preferably in this case with cooling features such as cooling gel and/or breeze technology), cooling pillows, breathable sheets and a breathable mattress protector. Keeping you cool will allow you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. When you are cool it also allows you to reach deeper stages of sleep faster as well.

So don’t worry if the only time in your schedule to work out is late at night. You can still get the proper sleep you need for your rest and recovery. Just make sure to stay cool.

Cool Comfort

Rule No. 3

Keep your Cool

with Cool technology.

There are new advances in cool technology that finally provide a solution for hot sleepers.


 The coolest mattresses use advanced materials like Tempur-pedic Breeze and Sealy Chill. Gel has some limited cooling properties by itself but phase change materials are more advanced and provide more of a cooling effect that will drop your body temperature so you get to sleep quickly.

You have probably already heard of cool mattresses but how do you find the coolest?  


Sealy Chill and Tempur Breeze

Advanced phase change material found in Tempur-pedic Breezemattresses have proven successful in addressing the needs of hot sleepers. Tempur-Sealy is taking the innovation and applying it to more Sealy mattresses with Sealy Chill.


Phase change material like Sealy Chill and Tempur Breeze are designed to absorb heat and cool your body. When your body rests on a mattress with this new innovative cooling technology your excess heat is absorbed quickly so you can fall asleep faster.


Avoid spikes in temperature.


Have you ever pulled your blankets back up in the middle of the night? 

                Phase change material like Tempur Breeze and Sealy Chill help drop your temperature quickly and absorb excess heat to return to you when your body is resting in deep sleep. Your mattress should always keep you comfortable all night long so you get to stay in deeper sleep without interruption.


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