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That’s because TEMPUR® material is not typical memory foam. Our proprietary formulation changed the way the world sleeps. And it can do the same for you.

Tempur-Pedic®’s proprietary memory foam that has changed the way the world sleeps. Unlike traditional spring mattresses Tempur-Pedic uses material developed by NASA that conforms and adapts to your body’s shape. Tempur-Pedic® mattresses adapt to the natural curves of your body giving you the proper support from head to toe. It reacts to your body’s natural pressure points giving them greater relief throughout the night. The completely personalized support allows for better alignment so you can experience a better night’s rest. TEMPUR® material dramatically minimizes motion transfer. When two people are sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, each is supported independently. So no one rolls toward the middle, and if one of you gets up in the middle of the night, the other is likely unaware. You both sleep undisturbed, and get more hours of rejuvenating rest.

Tempur-PedicIt’s Like No Other Mattress
  • Precisely Adapts To Your Body
    TEMPUR material responds to your body’s temperature, weight and shape for truly personalized comfort and support.
  • No More Tossing & Turning
    As it conforms to your body, TEMPUR material minimizes pressure points that keep you awake.
  • Helps You Both Sleep Undisturbed
    TEMPUR® material dramatically reduces motion transfer so your sleep partner’s movement won’t disturb you.