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Support that is right for you.

No Matter how you sleep or what your budget there is a Sealy Mattress for you. Sealy mattresses are designed to balance the support you need with the feel you prefer. Whether you like soft of firm you will not need to give up comfort for support with Sealy Posturepedic Technology. Precisely engineered to provide more support where you need it most. The mattress is zoned in order to provide reinforced support in the center third (where most of our body weight is) to give exceptional full body support. Sealy combines innovation, precise engineering and industry leading testing to ensure quality and durability.

You can trust Sealy to deliver durable support and comfort in every mattress.

Innovation and Quality

Sealy mattresses are precisely engineered and tested beyond industry standards to deliver quality, performance, and durability. You can be confident that your Sealy will support you for years to come. Sealy focuses their innovation on technology where they know it will matter the most and can deliver real value. No gimmicks only truly proven advances that make a real difference for a reasonable price.  


Response—Sealy’s innerspring mattresses offer full body support with ease of movement for that sleep on top feeling and the comfort you want. Sealy’s uses exclusive Posturepedic Technology to deliver the stable, all over support you want with reinforced support under the heaviest part of your body, where you need it most. The response line holds you and supports you all night long.



Conform—Sealy’s foam mattresses use memory foam and/or advanced gel foam to deliver a full body support and conforming comfort. By using that same exclusive Posturepedic Technology it reinforces the center third while hugging and conforming to your body’s natural curves and pressure points but still giving you the support you need in the center third where the heaviest part of your body is.



Hybrid—Sealy’s innovative hybrid mattresses pair the responsive support of an innerspring with the body conforming comfort of memory foam for the best features of both. The hybrid line both holds and hugs you at the same time in order to provide you with a fantastic night’s sleep.