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iDirect Ventilex Pillow

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iDirect & King Koil® bring you the science of a sound sleep, offering exclusive cutting-edge technology in performance bedding + accessories. Sleeping should be restful & hassle-free; let us handle the rest, while you rest! Our king koil sleep essentials™ line of luxurious, innovative SmartPillows offers unique features never before seen in the bedding industry, with a wide variety of personalized options to choose from. With a vast array of exclusive technologies that you won’t find anywhere else, such as LOFT-X™ Memory Foam & hydra-performa™ ice Thermoregulation Technology, we are your final destination for the perfect pillow experience.
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• Intuitive, dynamic response to environmental changes creates a refreshingly cool + dry microclimate while you sleep, repelling moisture + heat away from your body


• Unique, cutting-edge Hydra-performa™ Ice Thermoregulation Technology


• Double Ice Fabric design features cooling fibers woven right into the fabric, making the surface cool to the touch + engineered to keep you cool all night long


• Air-permeable for a continuous, maximum cooling sensation


• Revolutionary, hypoallergenic LOFT-X™ Memory Foam intuitively contours to your sleep position, supporting the natural lines of your head, neck & spine. LOFT-X™ offers the support of memory foam with the resilience of latex


• Improves overall sleep quality by reducing snoring & stress, while supporting healthy circulation to reduce aches & pains


• Proven hypoallergenic protection


• Ventilated side panels provide maximum airflow helping you to sleep cooler