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Dormeo Octaspring

As the leader and innovator of the new TRUE HYBRID Bed, DORMEO® is the first to successfully combine all the benefits of alternative bedding and traditional innersprings—without any of the downsides! DORMEO® is the 1st and only mattress in the world that breathes.

A fusion of coil and memory foam technology creating the ultimate hybrid mattress. DORMEO® is cooler than traditional memory foam and more comfortable than innerspring mattresses. The secret is DORMEO®’s revolutionary patented Octaspring® Technology and ingenious pressure relieving spring made entirely of memory foam. Inside are hundreds of Octasprings in varying degrees of firmness built into body-zoned layers.

Softer for your head and shoulderand firmer for your hips and back. DORMEO® is the leader and creator of the comfort-without-compromise Hybrid Category!


But what, exactly, is an Octaspring?
Call it a honeycomb of comfort.

Simply put, DORMEO® Mattress is the most advanced mattress on the market. Thanks to revolutionary Octaspring sleep technology, tossing and turning is a thing of the past.
A cross between a spring coil and memory foam, Octasprings are the power behind DORMEO® Mattresses legendary comfort. Pressure-relieving and open to air flow, each Octaspring features eight reinforcements, a series of air vents and a hole in the center that lets humid air pass through. This design allows air to filter through and away from the mattress, dissipating heat and humidity. This creates a luxurious, dynamic sleep surface that’s noticeably cooler.


In each DORMEO® Mattress, hundreds of Octasprings are assembled into seven zones of comfort -- softer for your head, more supportive for your hips and thighs. No pressure points, just equally distributed weight, adapting to each sleeper’s body weight with custom support. The final product is flexible, breathable and cool. 8X more breathable than a memory foam mattress, in fact. Octasprings are like nothing you’ve ever felt before -- game-changing sleep technology that will revolutionize the way you rest.