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SmartMotion Bases

SmartMotion TM Bases are designed to improve your overall sleep quality by allowing you to adjust the head and feet up and down to find the best position for reading, watching TV, and Sleeping.  The SmartMotion TM base uses the latest technology to monitor your sleep cycles while delivering personalized feedback throughout the days, weeks, and months you utilize it. It continues to provide wonderful analysis tailored to your own sleep style. 


Biosensors monitor your motion, heart rate, and breathing as you sleep for you and your partner! Each will receive independent read outs and feedback of how you sleep throughout the night!



Also, wake up with comfort and ease by enabling the alarm feature! The Smart Motion base will detect when you are in the lightest phase of sleep and wake you up based on your pre-selected earliest and latest waking times. You can even set it to play your favorite song as you wake! By utilizing this feature you will wake up headache free feeling reinvigorated. The Smart Motion base allows you to start your day off right! By seeing how you sleep every day the advanced sleep analysis allows you to recognize trends and helps you to make changes to improve your quality of sleep!